ZF S6-85 Gearbox Available

We have 1 reman unit of the ZF S6-85 Gearbox 1310-050-260 available.

Applications include Higer, Zonda, King Long, Yutong, Volvo B7, Volvo B10 buses.

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AS-Tronic Gearbox Available

We have 1 unit each of the following reman AS-Tronic gearboxes available, suitable for IVECO applications.

  1. 1328-030-019 16AS2601
  2. 1328-040-035 16AS2601IT  (with Intarder)

ZF 16AS2601 IT

Whilst stocks last, do contact us to find out more!

New Beiben V3 with AMT

The Euro V Beiben V3 now comes with the option of AMT. The FAST F-SHIFT gearbox provides full automatic gearshifting operation, with an electronically controlled clutch actuator. WABCO Optidrive provides the control system, similar to the Mercedes Powershift. Call us now to find out more!