TRUCKMART INTERNATIONAL is the appointed  sole distributor of HIGER Bus in Singapore.

HIGER Bus is the number 2 best selling bus in China, and is the only Chinese bus manufacturer to have a jointly-developed product with Scania Bus - the Scania Touring.

 Beiben Trucks

ZF / Allison fully automatic transmission

Beiben Trucks

WEICHAI engines


Ease of use, simple and reliable


HIGER BUS was founded in 1998 as Higer Bus Company Limited, in Suzhou, China.  Known initially as SUZHOU KING LONG 苏州金龙,HIGER was one of the earliest China bus manufacturers to enter the Singapore market.

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WEICHAI POWER is one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world. The majority of the heavy duty trucks in China are powered by WEICHAI engines. Our own BEIBEN trucks are also equipped with the Euro 4/5/6 WEICHAI engines.

From the smaller WP4.1 of the KLQ 6759AR to the medium-sized WP7 (270hp, 300hp) and the larger WP10H (375hp), all engines produce high torque at all operating engine speeds. Service is provided by our own workshop TM MOTOR WORKS PTE LTD, which is a WEICHAI authorized service center.

All our Weichai engines meet  the Euro-6 emission standard and are VCA-certified.



WP 10H
WP 10H
For the Euro-6 KLQ6128K
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There are various gearbox options available for the HIGER Buses.

The smaller KLQ 6759AR is equipped with the Allison TR-1000 transmission, while the medium and large buses (KLQ 6952, KLQ 6118, KLQ 6128)  are equipped with the heavy duty ZF 6AP series with built-in retarder.

Allison TR-1000

Max Input Torque: 700Nm
Forward Speeds: 6

The ideal transmission for smaller torque applications. Allison automatic transmissions are used in many municipal facility equipments such as refuse trucks, and firefighting trucks.

ZF ECO-Life 6AP Fully automatic transmission

Max Input Torque: 1700Nm
Forward Speeds: 6

The ZF 6AP series provides superb gear shifting and ideally-spaced out gear ratios. The built-in retarder prolongs the life of the service brakes.  

Service is provided by our long-term partner ZF-South East Asia

Steering Gear

All HIGER buses are equipped with ZF steering gear for uncompromised quality and safety.

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