KLQ 6128K – The large-sized travel coach

KLQ 6128K | 51+1 / 49+1

Seating Capacity: 51 + 1 (1 door version) / 49 + 1 (2 door version)

Engine: WP10, 375HP, 1600Nm, Euro V

Gearbox: ZF 6AP1700B

Suspension: Pneumatic Air Suspension / Pneumatic Air Suspension

The KLQ 6128K is powered by a large WP10 engine with 375HP.  KLQ 6128K's body is developed together with the Scania Touring, and it is only available for export markets. KLQ 6128K is used by Konsortium Travel for their coaches travelling between Malaysia and Singapore, thus backup service is always available whether in Peninsula Malaysia or Singapore.

The Weichai engine is even quieter than the other currently dominant engine in use.