The KLQ 6118K shares the same body design with the KLQ 6128K, and is the ideal replacement for the previous KLQ 6109.  

The WP7 engine provides even more torque than the other 6.7L engine previously in use.  ZF 6AP fully automatic transmission with built-in retarder extends the service brake lifespan and provides unparalleled gear-shifting. Noise level compared to the other 6.7L engine,  and the other V/A transmission is greatly reduced. 

The new Euro-VI KLQ 6118K comes equipped with DISC brakes for both Front and Rear for optimal braking.

KLQ 6118K – The ideal bus for Singapore’s city state driving

KLQ 6118K | 47+1 / 45+1

Seating Capacity: 47 + 1 (1 door version) / 45 + 1 (2 door version)

Engine: WP7, 300HP, 1260Nm, Euro VI

Gearbox: ZF 6AP1400B with built-in Retarder

Suspension: ECAS Pneumatic Air Suspension / Pneumatic Air Suspension

Doors: Outwards-Swinging / Optional Inwards-Swinging